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A Place for Art Exposure & Development

We are encouraging creativity in children through our kids art classes, provide exciting, vibrant and fun art experiences for children from age of 3. Drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, clay, textiles and crafts are all explored, as a lifelong love of art and learning is encouraged.

Creative Kids

With Smart Learning, we emphasis on children development by encouraging creative thinking through exciting and fun in verstile art experiences.
We strive to make learning effective with small class teaching allows teachers focus on indiviual needs and make
learning as a life long process.

Enhance Cognitive Skills

Develop Creative Thinking

Enhance Social skills

Build Up Self Confidence

Refine Motor Skills

Strengthen Concentration

Level 1 - Introduction (3-4 Yrs)

  • Exploring to the colour world
  • Developing hand & fingers coordination with muscle development
  • Class focus on experimentation with a variety of materials
  • Build the interest of children in art
  • Introduction of shapes

Level 2 - Creation (4-6 Yrs)

  • Encouraging on creation from daily understanding
  • Developing visual idea through subject drawing
  • Experience different art medias such as water colour & acrylic
  • Stengthen on hand movement and control
  • Building up self-confident & self understanding

Level 3 - Composition (6-8 Yrs)

  • Further development on creation & idea expression
  • Refine the use of tools and hand coordination
  • Realistic drawing development through observation
  • Composing thought with shapes and colours
  • Build a solid foundation for further art journey

Level 4 - Techniques (8-10 Yrs)

  • Encouraging own ideas expression
  • Introduction of basic art theories such as colours wheel, artwork construction
  • Understand complex composition such as shading & contouring
  • Reinforce motor skills
  • Practical basic skills in variety art medias

Use Your $100 Creative Kids Voucher

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $100 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.

Apply Here: Service NSW

Classroom Location


Level 10F
Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, NSW 2138
(lifts access next to Reading Cinemas)

Contact info

 Phone: 0410 843 612