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The ONE Music Group produces smart musical instruments incorporating digital technology to make music learning more enjoyable and affordable. Utilizing the latest in smart learning technology, our products are created for all ages and levels and offer a fun and enriching way to learn piano.

FAQ - Piano & Keyboard

How much do piano/keyboard weight, and what about the dimensions?

Product Name

Package weight (lbs)

Package dimensions

The ONE Upright Smart Piano



The ONE Light Keyboard



How long will it take to ship my piano/keyboard?

All orders are processed within 2-3days business days, Orders aren’t shipped on weekends.

Delivery time: 5-13days.

If you have an urgent order, please contact us via or visit us (appointment only).

How do I register for The ONE Smart Piano app?

1. Download the app from the app store

2. Once downloaded, open the app.

3. Enter an email address and create a password!

How long is the warranty?

The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of one year for the original invoice date.

FAQ - Piano Class

How long is the class and what is the best age to start?

The class time is 45mins per section.

We start from 3 year old, but all kids are different.

Book a trial lesson and our professional teacher will be able to tell if the kids are ready or a little bit of waiting.

Is the student go for AMEB Exam?

After reaching certain level, the students are able to go for AMEB Exam but this is not compulsory.

Our Rhodes classroom is a private AMEB Exam venue.

Do I need a keyboard or piano for the piano class?

We have piano for each student in the classroom, it is recommended to have one at home for the practicing.

The ONE students who has The ONE keyboard or piano have another APP to download and practice.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Please contact your local classroom for further informaion.