Beginner Piano Sheet Music That Anyone Can Play

You know all about the benefits of children learning the piano. For very young children, especially those with mild developmental challenges, piano lessons can improve motor skills.

Learning to play piano can also help kids academically. From spatial relational ability and reasoning to reading to mathematics, music lessons facilitates learning other subjects.

If your little one is just starting his or her piano lessons, check out these three beginner piano sheet music.

1. Mary Had a Little Lamb

What’s more fun than learning to play a song that everyone – young and old – knows? Plus, it’s just three notes. Your little one can learn it in minutes.

This song has four beats in a measure. Before you start, count four beats together. Guide your child’s fingers over the right notes.

If you want to make it more fun, encourage your child to sing the song as he or she plays the notes. You can also guide your child’s finger along the notes in the sheet music. This way, your kid will see how the notes step up and down.

2. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Playing this on the piano is as easy as learning the movements that go with this action song. In fact, that’s a good exercise to do while your child is learning how to play this. While one of you plays the piano, the other one can do the motions and vice versa.

Another tactic to try is to look at this beginner piano sheet music together. Once your child knows how to find the starting note (middle C), try and see if he or she can play one line. Build it up and make sure you point to each note as your child tries to play it.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Like Mary Had a Little Lamb, this has four beats in a bar or measure. It’s a good practice to count the beats together (in this case, four beats in) before you start.

Since this is a beginner piece, you’ll teach the right-hand tune first. After your child masters that, you can teach the left-hand tune. Take note that playing both hands is recommended for children seven years old and above.

If your child hasn’t learned piano fingering yet, now’s a good time to introduce it to them. With Twinkle, Twinkle, you can do this line by line then gradually progress to phrase by phrase.

Make sure you don’t push your little one to do the whole song if he or she finds it overwhelming. Let him or her take his time. The more your child enjoys the lessons, the more he or she will look forward to learning more difficult pieces.

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