Free Piano Sheet Music for Beginners to Learn

Ludwig van Beethoven, Maria Joao Pires, and Lang Lang. What do these world-renowned virtuosos all have in common?

They had to learn how to play the piano. Even the most talented of pianists were once beginners.

For someone just starting out, there are a couple challenges (other than learning how to read music and correct finger placement). One is finding a variety of different music genres to play. Who wants to play classical all the time?

Another is locating fun-to-play music at the beginning level.

We’re helping you with this dilemma today. We’ve found some sites that offer free piano music for beginners.

Before we get to that, here’s what we feel is important to look for when choosing sheet music for someone just starting out.

Key Elements for Beginner’s Sheet Music

Sheet music created with beginners in mind should have the following:

  • arrangements which feature large, easy-to-follow notes
  • with each note’s name written on the note head
  • a layout that makes it easy for any beginner to follow the music on the page
  • a variety of categories, including children’s songs, rock, pop, themes songs from popular movies and television shows, and of course, classical

Resources for Free Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

The beginning of a piano enthusiast’s journey is crucial. As you delve into the world of musical instruments there’s the potential to get frustrated. Especially if all you can find is sheet music well beyond your current level.

That’s why it’s important to know the best sources for free piano sheet music for beginners.

Here are some of the recommendations we have for beginners to download and print free sheet music:

A very popular site for musicians of all types. They offer a variety of resources, but their main focus is sheet music.

They offer many different formats for their sheet music besides the online page. You can download a PDF, MP3, or MIDI file which is helpful for players learning on a portable keyboard.

Here are some examples of the free piano sheet music for beginners offered at 8notes:

Music for Music Teachers

Created by a private music teacher in Alaska who couldn’t find free piano sheet music for beginners when she first started teaching. So she created this website.

The music sheets are free to anyone (not just music teachers) and are printable. The selection of songs is quite impressive and touch on all genres of music.

Most of the sheets offer AlphaNotes to help in the early stages of note-reading.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

Although they offer a more limited selection their sheet music is available as a PDF download, a MIDI file, and a video download. The videos offer details such as finger placement, dynamics, and articulations for self-teaching pianists.

The ability level ranges from beginning to advanced, and the majority of the music is classical.

There’s an Easier Way

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