The ONE Acoustic Piano


The smart classical piano enlightens and teaches you how to play piano

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The ONE Acoustic Piano

The smart classical piano enlightens and teaches you how to play piano




Classical Piano + Smart Teaching System

When the upscale piano originally made from Germany can use bluetooth to teach people to play the piano in a wireless way; when the classical piano embraces concert-grade sound and discerning touches, it can also use smart teaching to nurture music masters of the future. With a rich heritage of 316 years, The ONE Piano+ is here for this moment!




Radial-chord string design
Ensuring pure sound quality

In comparison with the string arrangement of normal piano, the non-parallel radial-chord string design can significantly lower the interference of each vibration between the strings, enabling the high and medium notes to exhibit purity and uniqueness. Coupled with the original German-made Roslau strings, it emanates unparalleled pure listening enjoyment for you only.




6 unequal backbone columns
Enriching the output sound

Many normal pianos have 4 to 5 backbone columns. When selective material was used for the columns 200 years ago, 6 backbone columns made from unequal and thick solid wood were the premium products at the time. Besides having a robust structure, it ensures the richness of the output sound. Additionally, it maintains the pitch accuracy for a longer period, prolongs the noise-reduction angle, effectively eradicates noise and extends the resonance sound. The final effect – a wonderful sound lingering around your ears.


German virgin wool hammer string
Restoring the concert feel of playing

Comparing with other pianos, it inherits the German hammering system technology and uses beech wood imported from Germany that is naturally dried for 3 years as well as 100% virgin wool for the hammer strings, ensuring adequate tension and elasticity and bestowing each set of piano a series of whole and enriching tones.


Austrian Spruce Wood Piano Keyboard

In stark contrast with basswood or composite keyboards, the extraordinary keyboard is made from a whole piece of pure Austrian spruce with stunning soft white tones. It is not easily deformed and peeled off during huge fluctuation in temperature. Leveraging on the scientific lever system, each piano key is meticulously and manually allocated with lead such that the descending speed when a key is struck is maintained at a balanced state of optimum efficiency.



Piano key response 8 times per second
Achieving the ideal condition of an upright piano

The piano key response of the common upright piano is only 6 to 7 times per second. The ONE Acoustic Piano undergoing a thorough research and troubleshooting for 2 years, finally created an overall consistent design of the string-striking mechanism and keyboard.

Durable for a century
Over a few hundred thousand stability trials

Most normal pianos are manually troubleshooted when they leave the factory. On the contrary, even after Piano+ is masterfully tuned by senior technicians with more than 20 years of industrial experience, it must still go through up to several hundred thousand times of machine vibration trials that span a period of 20 minutes each. Considering the different weathers of the country, it boosts a troubleshooting of constant temperature and humidity, further ensuring the overall stability of the piano.


From the door step to the interior of the home
The piano in solidarity is the sole witness

You don’t need to rush nor feel bad about playing the piano. It will no longer be bored and you don’t have to worry much about learning the piano with someone else. Besides inspiring and maintaining the children’s interests in piano, it also introduces cutting-edge teaching into your home so that you can be there by your children to witness every phase of piano learning.


A smart classical piano that supports bluetooth connection

The perfect support for bluetooth connection enables iPad/iPhone to wirelessly and seamlessly connect to the piano and activate the package teaching APP. Using the smart method without any restrictions, initiate your journey of learning piano by just striking a key.

Smart Learning System
Follow the indicating lights from basic onwards

The classical piano is built-in with non-contactable infrared sensors. After the power is plugged on, start the synchronization mode. The left hand is the “sapphire light” while the right hand is the “ruby light.” The smart call will determine the correct or wrong play and it will also intelligently wait in the event of playing a wrong key. In this way, it helps you to get handy with the keyboard as well as learn the scores in a shorter period. Even after the lights are out, it will still flow fluently just like you are enjoying a concert in town.



Master “Fur Elise” in just three months with the smart APP

Several teaching APPs perform teachings for people who transcend 3 generations. The adults can master “Fur Elise” in just three months through rapid learning in “Live Piano Class”; the children can participate in smart piano classroom (Non-standardized courses. For details, please contact customer service.) and master the 4th to 5th grades. Use the piano class package APP at home. While the whole family can play the piano, the children are no longer alone.



Established teachers online teaching you one hand at a time

At home, learn how to play the piano, the fingering posture, hands coordination and 5-line music score from the acclaimed teachers from China and Central Conservatory of Music. Besides, they will explain in detail about the difficulties encountered in learning music as well as any piano questions in a real-time manner. A fun and easy way to learn professional music knowledge with outstanding teachers by your side without leaving your home. Join the teachers online to learn piano now!


Smart piano score inventory with real-time cloud updating

You’ll be spoilt for choices of original music scores of varied genres. Interesting and awe-inspiring music games can perform smart scoring, interactive PK as well as indirectly nurturing the music sense and consolidating the music principles.Easily search for your favorite songs. The children love learning piano and Piano+ is the perfect 7-day companion for your children.


Garage Band from beginner to simple song arrangement

Perfectly supports Garage Band, use one-key to activate bluetooth and Garage Band connection. Without any equipment, you can achieve MIDI export at your own will. Regardless of professional song arrangement or creative mixing of music, capitalize on this piano to enable you and your children to easily become the piano masters in a blink of an eye!


Environmental-friendly wood material – Refreshing and safe

From the raw materials and paint production to the manufacturing process and polishing, each original wood is chosen with extra care. Each working procedure is striving to adhere to the green environmental protocols. Those that can be seen is purely aesthetics, while those that cannot be seen would not warrant any worries at all. The interior and exterior of the piano is naturally manufactured with due regards to the environment. This is our natural assurance.


Smart hydraulic closing system
Removes the fear of your hands being slammed

It is equipped with an intelligent hydraulic closing system, enabling the keyboard cover to automatically close with decreasing speed. The music score stand is similarly erected in average speed so that children need not be worried that their hands would be slammed. Only a piano akin to the considerate original soundtrack can protect the transformation of the little pianist along the way.

The touch of pure copper
Is a testament to long-term durability

In comparison with copper plating, the pedals and other metallic components that are made from pure copper are elegant, robust and durable with sustainable color. Leveraging on the heritage of classical piano, the overall design integrates into the modern era with simplicity and functionality. A piano that will never be outdated is worthy of your private collection.

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