The ONE Light Keyboard – Black


The ONE Light is a portable keyboard for beginners and experienced players alike. There are keys that light up with sheet music, video lessons, and games when connected with The ONE Smart Piano app.

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  • 61 light-up keys to guide you start playing in minutes
  • 4000+ sheet music, fun crash course, 100+ videos and games in the free app
  • Supporting both iOS and Android, phone and tablet
  • MIDI output and recording
  • 128+ instrument sounds available via mobile app setting
  • Built-in music stand, speakers and sustain pedal socket (optional)


Practicing With The Descending Lights

Regardless of adults, children or the elderly, any beginner with zero basic knowledge can easily keep up with the self-teaching piano routine. Even with no knowledge of the music notes, wait patiently for the lights to descend and play to its sequence, releasing your unlimited potential in music.



Interactive Video Courses With Renowned Music Masters

Enjoy in full the “hand-in-hand” professional teachings – New upgrades for “Smart Piano” APP. It is not only a natural home teacher, it is also a compassionate companion. Hand-in-hand teaching videos from renowned music teachers of China and Central Conservatory of Music. Simple and joyful to learn and watch at the same time – all-in-one with the fingering posture, hands coordination and 5-line music scores.




Game Teachings

Allow your children to fall in love with the piano keys Originating from the United States, Alfred Music’s proprietary edutainment teaching system allows the children’s interests to be their teacher so as to learn and play at the same time during the gaming courses. Passing through 40 tests will reach the “Little Thompson 2” level, while passing through 80 tests will also reach the “Little Thompson 4” level. In this way, the raw talents of the children can be comfortably released.

Kara-Piano GamesLearn In a Fun And Enjoyable Way

Learning the piano in a deluge of games enables you to enhance the rhythm, fingering posture and the feelings of joy in an absolutely relaxing ambience.



Finland’s Minimalist Design And The Lite Lifestyle of the Apple’s Era

The design aesthetics originating from Finland is simplistic, minimalist and fundamental. All operations are effortlessly achieved with iPads.


Is As Light As 5Kg

The standard counterbalanced keyboard is as light as 5kg – Highly portable and play wherever you are and whenever you adore. A standard counterbalanced keyboard with 61 keys. At any corner in the house, you can play to your delights and begin a light-hearted musical lifestyle.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 92 × 33 × 10 cm


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