The ONE Upright Piano – White 88 Keys (bluetooth only)


Introducing the world’s first Apple MFi-certified Smart Piano. The ONE Smart Piano is a new and easy way to learn music without paying for private instruction right off the bat. When you attach your smart device with The ONE Smart Piano, you can use the app to browse interactive video lessons, LED light-guided sheet music, and piano games. Following the lights, you can start playing your first song in as little as a few minutes.

Piano Bench to be purchased separately 

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  • Guided by LED Lights to start playing in minutes
  • 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, fun crash course and games in the free app
  • Supporting both iOS and Android, phone and tablet
  • High Grade Piano: 88 weighted keys, professional stereo sound, 3 piano pedals and classic wooden body
  • Made for beginners, loved by musicians and teachers
  • The New module does not come with cable but bluetooth
  • Piano Bench to be purchased separately 


Multiple Mobile Operating Systems

Support ios7.0 above

Support 4.2 above Andrews system



Helping with Your Music Classes

Watch the teaching video clips in the APP or participate in live piano lessons. Learn directly from the instructors the correct fingering posture and hands coordination. The light indicator is programed to synchronize with the active key, integrating with the visual and hearing aspects. With repeated practice, the piano skills are naturally elevated in a much quicker pace.



Pop or Classical Music. Indulge in all Walks of Life

With a copyright agreement with music print publishers, Hal Leonard and Alfred Music, original music scores are provided free-of-charge with real-time cloud updates. No matter how fast the world changes, you can keep up with your fingers.




An Upright Piano That Shares Your Music

For your rapid progress, record and share with friends with online showcasing of your piano skills. Wonderful music is worth everyone’s attention. Let everyone witness your dream come true.




Play Piano Through Interesting Games

An array of function configurations like smart score, upgrading of difficulty levels and four-hand piano enables you to nurture fun and enjoyment amid playing the games.





Learn faster with The ONE Smart Piano

Learn to play the piano by watching the video with the instructors personally demonstrating the fingering posture, hands coordination and series tutorials from basic to advanced and constantly updating. The light indicator on the piano is synchronized with the active key. Important difficulties will be highlighted and explained in the video clip. Teach you how to play the piano in a professional manner.



3D Surround Sound

After a hectic and noisy day. Let The ONE to automatically perform on its keyboard for you only. When the harmonious and sweet-toned piano music swirls around the room, the whole family is immersed in accompanying wonderful music melodies for each moment.




Flawless Music Tones

Precisely coordinate the pressure changes of the fingers. Impeccable triangular piano tones – Striking the piano key with a huge force is as if the strong waves breaking onto the beach while playing the piano key with a gentle force is just like a feather cruising along the flow of water. Making the sensitive tone differentiating capability a habit. Your home is transformed into a concert hall.




Indulge in My World

On top of being able to connect to headphones, The ONE smart piano enables you to practice during late nights without worrying your neighbors would be disturbed. Infuse in your personal piano practice period, your music world will become more concise and straightforward.





Superior P2 Grade Wood Material

Manufactured with precise product processes and the superior P2 grade environmentally-friendly wood material from California, U.S., The ONE has been accredited with safety quality and assurance from international accreditation institutions. Giving you a peace of mind as well as a refreshingly pure health in your home.




Simple & Elegant

Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Bauhaus’s architectural design, originating from the traditional piano style but not constrained by its classic form, it portrays the aesthetics of simplicity and conciseness in the modern era.



Original and Unique

Unique push-pull piano cover, smooth and natural, igniting the music experience free-at-heart and leaving lasting memories of each section of the piano melody.


Built-in Metronome & Volume Adjustment

Traditional upright piano style coupled with built-in professional metronome, it can not only teach you how to play piano, it can also teach you how to count the beats. The ONE truly understands each rhythm of you, fast or slow. The piano volume can be adjusted at will, loud or soft, sharing or appreciating alone, you always have a choice free at will. Playing the piano will be even easier.


Metallic Pedals

Simple and functional pure metallic pedals. On the left is the soft tone. Once stepped, the hammers move slightly shortening the distance of the strings producing a relatively weak sound volume. In the middle is the specific tone delay. Once stepped after striking a key, it can delay the tone. On the right is the delay tone. Once stepped, the piano damper lever will be all open. All notes that are played will be delayed. Once lifted, the delay will terminate. Use a different voice for each emotion – the most comfortable performance.



Technical Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions 137 × 46 × 102 cm


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